In 2024, MLE is... Opening Up the Space between Us
This theme will provide a framework for the questions that will be explored, enacted, and unpacked through the year’s programs and events.
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ESRI 2024: “Living in Groundlessness with Responsibility”

This year marks the second year in a three-year thematic arc, “Caring for Life,” which aims to foreground caring as an active, processual, and participative feature of being sentient in...

European Varela Award Grants

Named after the neuroscientist and philosopher Francisco J. Varela, The European Varela Awards have been an important and integral component of Mind & Life Europe’s support of contemplative scientists and scholars. Francisco...


(2022 – 2024)  “What makes science open and creative is the reinterpretation of the ‘original’ problems and approaches. As some of the best scientists have pointed out, the re-evaluation of...

Mind Matters: Gaia Series 2023 – 2024

Gaia: Gateway to the Climate Conversation If everybody would agree that their current reality is a reality, and that what we essentiallyshare is our capacity for constructing a reality, then...


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