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Mind Matters Talk with Ferris Jabr

“Becoming Earth: A Personal Journey Through the Gaiasphere”

Gaia Series

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Western science has long resisted and even ridiculed the idea that Earth is alive. Now, something is shifting. Although Gaia still retains a stigma in mainstream scientific circles, the idea of Earth as a vast interconnected living system has gained acceptance in recent decades. Life does not simply reside on Earth: it is an extension, and an expression, of the planet—an outgrowth of its structure and an engine of its evolution. Life and environment have coevolved for billions of years, transforming a lump of orbiting rock into our cosmic oasis. Life breathed oxygen into the atmosphere, dyed the sky blue, concocted the modern oceans, and converted barren crust into fertile soil. Over time, life became a critical component of our planet’s capacity to regulate its climate and maintain balance. In this talk, science writer Ferris Jabr, author of Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life, takes us on his personal journey through the Gaiasphere and explains how writing his forthcoming book completely changed the way he thinks about Earth, life, and the supposed boundaries between them.

Ferris Jabr

Ferris Jabr is the author of Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life (Random House, 6/2024) and a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and Scientific American. He has also written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Harper’s, National Geographic, Wired, Outside, Lapham’s Quarterly, McSweeney’s, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, among other publications. His work has been anthologized in several editions of The Best American Science and Nature Writing series and has received the support of a Whiting Foundation Creative Nonfiction Grant, as well as fellowships from UC Berkeley and MIT. He has an MA in journalism from New York University and a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner, Ryan, their dog, Jack, and more plants than they can count. His surname rhymes with neighbour.

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Mind Matters Talk with Ferris Jabr

22-05-2024 06:00 PM
22-05-2024 08:00 PM
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