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MLE Friends Talk with Hanne De Jaegher

“Between Theory and Practice: Enaction and the Caring Professions”

How to go in search of caring — the caring that we already know, the caring that we can still learn, and the caring that is in fact an ongoing learning between us? 

In this talk, Dr De Jaegher will attempt to lay bare some of the logic and principles of the enactive approach as an engaging epistemology, through some personal stories about dementia, as well as some elements from research and practice, especially in the area of autism dialogue.

She will show the enactive logic at work in the mutual rapprochement of, or the space between, practice and theory. There seems to be an increasing desire from practitioners in the helping, clinical, and pedagogical professions to better understand enactive theory and to ground their practice in it. At the same time, enactive theory also benefits from interacting with these forms of expertise, which are, in the most general sense, human expertise. Thinking about this space in-between will allow us to deepen our understanding of the tensions between various poles of co-determination, such as carer and cared-for, student and teacher, knowing and not-knowing, experience and expertise.

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Hanne De Jaegher

Hanne De Jaegher, D.Phil., is a philosopher and cognitive scientist, writer, researcher, and teacher. A leading developer of the enactive approach to intersubjectivity, she has conceived and elaborated the theory of participatory sense-making with Ezequiel Di Paolo. Participatory sense-making has since been tested and applied across a wide range of academic and applied disciplines, from neuroscience to the arts. Currently, she is thinking about how loving and knowing relate to each other as existential tensions in human lives. She has proposed that the enactive approach is an engaging epistemology — a perspective that interweaves knowing with being and doing, and ethics with interaction. Her methodological innovations include the development, with Barbara Pieper, of the PRISMAtic approach. With Ezequiel Di Paolo and Elena Cuffari, she co-authored Linguistic Bodies (2017, MIT Press). Dr De Jaegher is co-director of Dialogica UK, a majority autistic-led social enterprise out of the UK that facilitates dialogues and provides coaching for autistic people, family members and friends, and academic researchers.

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MLE Friends Talk with Hanne De Jaegher

28-09-2023 06:00 PM
28-09-2023 07:30 PM
Zoom link will be sent to MLE Friends

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