(2022 – 2024) 

“What makes science open and creative is the reinterpretation of the ‘original’ problems and approaches. As some of the best scientists have pointed out, the re-evaluation of the past of science is the best introduction to its future. (…) Only by considering the earliest roots and revisiting the problem spaces can we reach a fresh perspective on theoretical and conceptual tools.” – (Francisco J. Varela)

Conceived as a four-part e-learning curriculum (much like a MOOC), the Core Enaction Programme will unfold over the course of four semesters (2022-2024): In Semester 1 (Autumn 2022), we retraced the origin story and major building blocks of the enactive view across cognitive science, philosophy, Buddhist thought, and more. In Semesters 2 and 3 (Spring and Autumn 2023), we undertake a close reading of The Embodied Mind (F. Varela, E. Thompson, E. Rosch), the foundational text in which the enactive framework was elaborated from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Finally, in Semester 4 (Spring 2024), we consider possible future applications of this robust theoretical framework, across a variety of disciplines. Although guided by current experts in the field, each session is designed to be highly participative, allowing for ample discussion and exchange at each stage of the series.

With the launch of this new curriculum, it is our heartfelt aspiration that a new generation of students and researchers will be able to access the rich lineage of enactive thought and bring it forward into their work, across an ever-widening variety of disciplines. Please be encouraged to share this announcement widely within your university networks—it will really help us get the word out!

We ask all participants to make a donation of their choice to support this course, which will ensure that we can continue offering substantive programs of this nature that give voice to a unique form of interdisciplinarity. The suggested donation is 50 Euros for the entire semester; for those in financial difficulty, a minimum of 10 Euros is requested; and for those who wish to contribute at a “supporter level,” we would be grateful for donations of 100 Euros or more. Thank you in advance for your support!

Semester 3 of our Core Enaction Programme runs from 27th September through 6th December 2023. Participation in the live Zoom meeting is limited to those who have had their applications accepted. Everyone is welcome to join the live-stream on the MLE YouTube channel

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