Why we seek to work with volunteers

At Mind & Life Europe (MLE), we facilitate generative encounters that encourage an ongoing circulation between different disciplinary perspectives, between theory and practice, and between contemplative, philosophical, and scientific approaches to the mind. We do this primarily through curating a lively line-up of online and in-person dialogues, hosting interdisciplinary retreats and symposia, funding the next generation of researchers in contemplative science, and sharing cutting-edge findings in these fields with the general public.

As a not-for-profit organisation we are running on limited resources and are grateful for support of our volunteers. Each volunteer activity can support us in growing our community and increasing our impact.

Foundations for our work relationship

In order to build a stable relationship that allows MLE as an organisation to develop and you as a volunteer to grow personally, we’d like to consider the following factors:

  • Mutually beneficial work based on our MLE Values, which include “stimulate dialogue”, “take care” and “radical candor”.
  • We seek volunteers for the duration of at least three months. After this period of time, we will check in how far there is an interest on both sides to continue or even further develop the volunteering position.
  • We will have a (short) weekly check-in with volunteers to discuss current and upcoming tasks.
  • A high proficiency of the English language is a must as we operate in an international environment.

As a volunteer at Mind & Life Europe you can benefit from the following:

  • Access to current state of research in the field of contemplative sciences through our various media (website, newsletter, social media), e.g. neuroscience, education, philosophy, psychology.
  • Participation in selected talks or events, e.g. exclusive MLE Friends events.
  • Written confirmation of your volunteering service to MLE.
Two types of MLE Volunteering

In general, we offer two kinds of volunteering positions at Mind & Life Europe, namely ongoing and project-based.

  • Ongoing volunteering positions refer to work activities that are needed for MLE’s activities on an ongoing basis. While your volunteering position would have a clear starting and end point, the task as such is part of our daily work. Ongoing volunteering positions allow you to experience the day-to-day (or week-to-week) work of current MLE activities and be involved in present initiatives and events. Examples are support for the development of social media graphics or content creation based on our ‘Mind Matters’ talks.
  • Project-based volunteering positions refer to a clearly defined time and scope related to an MLE project. They have a clear starting point and end point. In between the work load can possibly go beyond the average of ten hours per months. Project-based positions allow to dive deep in a particular task and/or field of content. In particular cases, project-based volunteering can be linked to an individual internship or thesis. Examples are support for the organisation of and technical support for our annual European Summer Research Institute (ESRI).
How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us at office@mindandlife-europe.org.

Your application should include the following:

  • Letter of motivation including an explanation of relevant skills and experiences for the respective position (max. 250 words).
  • Your CV (maximum two pages).

Thank you for your application in advance, we hope to see you in our team!

Stay informed about Mind & Life Europe

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